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The epitome of the Denmark Street professional, Geoff Stephens (b.1934) provides an example of the artistically promiscuous craftsman on that short block. In the sixties he wrote with John Carter, Roger Greenaway, Les Reed, Peter Callander, Barry Mason, Ken Howard, Alan Blaikley, Don Black, Mitch Murray and Tony Macaulay and penned some of his most successful songs independently.

Never a public performer, Stephens helped to manage, promote and produce both Donovan (e.g, "Catch The Wind"), in the early stages of of the Scottish singer's professional career, and one of the more unusual performance eccentricities of the sixties: The New Vaudeville Band. Although few outside the industry know his name, the sixties would not have been the same without him.*

*Quoted from "Please Please Me (Sixties British Pop, Inside Out)" Published by Oxford University Press 2008. Written by Canadian academic (Professor of Music, Skidmore College) Gordon Thompson.